Your Secret Elf Name

12You need to come up with a secret elf name if you are to be one of Santa’s elves. You must NEVER reveal your secret elf name to anyone. Your secret elf name is your password.

You see, when you apply to become an elf you come up with a secret elf name. That application goes directly to Santa Claus. You and Santa are the only two people who actually know your secret elf name.

When you send things to the North Pole and you supply your secret elf name Santa will know that really comes from you — and NOT someone pretending to be you.

For example, as an elf you are automatically assigned the duty of a Santa Secret Spy. It is the job of a secret spy to report local conditions to Santa. This helps Santa on his flight and it helps him to keep tabs on your neighborhood. This is how Santa does it! He has secret spies everywhere!

But the key to is all is your secret elf name. If that information comes in with the right secret elf name, Santa knows then that it comes from YOU.