Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do you have to be?
An elf can be any age. No age is too young, no age is too old.

Q: Can I come work at the North Pole?
You have to be invited to come live at the North Pole. The reason for this is plain: the North Pole is a very harsh place to live. It is not for everyone. Because conditions are so harsh, much of life is under ground. The houses, the streets, the buildings — everything is under ground. This makes living there dark, cold and wet most of the time. Some seasonal outdoor activity above ground takes place, but not much. Given that life is like this only so many elves can live there at a time. Most of Santa’s elves do NOT live at the North Pole. There are millions and millions of elves around the world.

Q: I want to ride on Santa’s sleigh. Can I get an elf job that does that?
It is not likely. Sleigh travel is also very dangerous. There is no roof on a sleigh. There are no doors. It takes a lot of training to acquire the skills to ride in a sleigh on the ground. It takes even MORE training to fly in a sleigh in the air. Very, very few elves get this training. Sleigh test pilots, for example, get this training. It takes decades to become a sleigh pilot and there are very few of those job openings. Mrs. Claus rides with Santa on the sleigh every Christmas. Like every elf, even Mrs. Claus has to re-certify for sleigh flight.

Q: Do I have to live at the North Pole?
No, see above. Most elves live in other places around the world.

Q: Can I start being an elf now?
Yes, more than likely. The week of Christmas is a hard time to start an elf job. But other than that week, you can start being an elf just about any other time. You will be given training.

Q: Is being an elf hard?
No. Santa is very patient and he never gets angry. You have all the time in the world to learn your job. Just do your best.

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