Become and Elf at

So you want to become an elf, eh? GREAT!!! Santa will be glad to have your help.

Before you get to apply you need to take the following steps:

  1. Learn the Elf Code
  2. Take the Elf Oath
  3. Decide what your Elf Name will be
  4. Connect with each Official North Pole Website

Once you complete those steps, you can apply to become an elf.

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Just your first name. Santa knows who you are.
Think this over. Once it is set it cannot be changed.
This is actually very important. The North Pole divides the world up in to areas called Sectors. You need to Know Your Sector. If the North Pole sends you direction it will come from an Elf Supervisor in your Sector.
Did you read, study and understand the Elf Code? Can you live by it?
Did you take the Elf Oath
Please tell us about your skills, talents and abilities:
Check all that apply
Be thorough. Santa is going to read this.