The Elf Oath

Stand, put your right hand on your heart, raise your left hand and say out loud for all the world to hear:

I, (your full real name), hereby take upon myself the sacred and secret elf name of Elf (your chosen elf name). In so doing I swear the following oath:

I will be loyal to the Day of Christmas, always grateful for the blessings I receive and the joy I can give to others.

I believe in Santa Claus, his mission and the sacred trust put in me as one of his Elves.

I believe in Love and in giving it to others freely.

I believe in Giving Anonymously.

I believe in Others.

I swear to Love, to Give, and to Believe in Others for the Rest of My Days.

I dedicate my daily working endeavors to quietly giving to others in ways small and large:

To always be merry.

To always serve.

To always seek for the happiness of other people.

I pledge to Santa Claus my loyalty, my best efforts, and my relentless pursuit of service.

In my duties I will be careful, judicious and confidential.

I will remain completely anonymous.

I will keep the secrets of Santa.

From this time forward, I am known as Elf (your chosen elf name) and I wish the world a Merry Christmas.