Secret Elf NameYou need to come up with a secret elf name if you are to be one of Santa’s elves. Your elf name is very important.

You see, when you apply to become an elf you need to have that name ready. That application goes directly to Santa Claus.

Your secret elf name becomes part of your password to get into special areas of the North Pole websites — places only an elf can go.

Your elf name is separate from your regular everyday name. Not everyone needs to know your secret elf name. In fact, not many people will really need to know that you are an elf. Sometimes it is best to just not share that information.

When you are doing elf work you will be known by your elf name — not your real name.

So think of a really good elf name that you like. You’re going to have it for the rest of your life!