Application Accepted!


Thank you for submitting your application for the job as one of Santa’s elves. Your application has been accepted!

Your title is Junior Elf 3rd Class.

You are assigned to work in the following capacities. You can learn more about these duties when you use the Elf Login:

1. Santa Secret Spy — You are Santa’s eyes and you must tell him what you see
2. Stocking Inspector — Very important job. Not just any stocking will do.
3. Toy Consultant — Tell Santa your ideas and suggestions for improving or designing new toys.
4. Spotter Elf — You are assigned to observe and report to the Tracking Department on Christmas Eve.
5. Santa Tracker — Keeping track of Santa’s flight is key to every elf’s Christmas Eve duty.

Ongoing training is very important in your work as an elf. Elf work is a life time profession and you should be working towards active promotions. Only promoted elves ever get to move to the North Pole for positions of greater responsibility in Santa’s workshop, the North Pole post office, the reindeer stables, the Tracking Department, the Wrapping Department or other important areas associated with Operation Merry Christmas. You are therefore assigned to study the following skills:

The Art of Gift Wrapping
Cookie Making 101
Being a Good Neighbor
Weather Watching
Keeping Secrets
Giving Anonymously

Work on these skills. Eventually you will be tested by a senior elf to see if you are proficient in these areas and therefore eligible for an elf promotion.